Arts District Brewing Company
Arts District

If you want to go on a very simple and very awesome outing, go here. It’s a given that all breweries have that fun, laid back, chill-and-drink-a-beer-with-your-buddies vibe, and much like many others, this brewery also comes with games. Lots of games.

Here is a comprehensive (AFAIK) list:

  • Darts
  • Pinball
  • Skee ball
  • Ping pong
  • Table hockey
  • Bags/cornhole
  • Life size Jenga (don’t play this if you’re wearing sandals)
  • Photo booth (I’m aware this isn’t a game, it’s still a selling point)
  • Various old-school board games you can snag from the bartenders such as Sorry or Connect Four

They also have, and this is going to surprise you, a large selection of beers on tap! It was early in the day so I felt like being a total girl and started off with a wonderfully pink beer, a hibiscus honey ale.

Nibbity Doo Dah, Arts District Brewing Co.

It was delightful. Like drinking sunshine from a cup.

This place fills up very quickly, so if you want to actually play games without waiting you’ll want to go during non-peak hours or show up really early. We showed up right at noon (opening time) on a Sunday, and by the time we left at 2 it was packed. This was not even on a particularly warm day. I can only imagine how crowded it gets on a nice sunny summer day. Anyways, if you arrive later on a Friday or Saturday evening, you can forget about trying to get in on any of the good games.

This one was my personal favorite, hockey foosball!

Hockey Foosball table
Hockey-Foosball table, this is a must play.

This is a 5/5 as far as breweries go. I recommend this place for a date or with a group. Guaranteed good times will be had!